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One true fact about paper is that it’s everywhere. It carries information, memories and visions. In the modern digital world, people still can’t do without paper. Paper is strong, unique, magical and beautiful. Contemporary design and aesthetics give it a huge potential and noble character. We chose paper because we believe it offers unlimited possibilities. The principal material we work with is corrugated fibreboard and paperboard of all types and in all colours. The products that go out of our manufactory are made in Poland based on half-products of Polish entrepreneurs. By choosing products of Manufaktura Kury Domowej you support local business, the handmade movement and the environment. Thank you.



Cardboard and paper decorations for interiors – that’s where we started. After three years of systematic development of our business, we are ready to entrust our products to companies that will represent us before individual customers. If you own a store with interesting design ideas, furniture or other pretty things, you might find something for you here. One of our products worth a careful look are pennants for personalised garlands – this is our flagship product that enjoys great popularity among customers. A wholesale catalogue with pennants and an order form can be found here: CATALOG


More than a thousand of children and their parents have participated in our workshops in recent years. In our classes we use unique materials and design – in our Manufaktura style. During our workshops we aim to develop manual skills, creativity, sense of aesthetics and a desire to create beautiful things of our young participants. In our offer you can find a dozen or so themes of prepared workshops. However, on special request we prepare tailor-made workshops connected with a brand, industry or specific products which can correspond with a company event. We guarantee friendly and creative atmosphere during our workshops. Manufaktura’s workshop and a company event, team integration, new product promotion party is a great match!